Yoga at work

Practicing Yoga at work is becoming more popular across Australia as workplaces are realising that by offering Yoga at work, companies can save money in the long run by improving overall health, productivity at work and also enhancing employee morale.

Yoga at work falls under the umbrella of workplace wellness programs, which refers to any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behaviour at the workplace and to improve health outcomes.Workplace wellness programs can also include activities such as health fairs, allowing work from home option, wellness newsletters, access to healthy meals/snacks at work, weight management programs, meditation classes and on-site fitness programs such as Yoga.

There are two key challenges that arises when offering workplace wellness programs:

  • Lack of a motivation from staff for wellness activities that are offered (beyond the initial rush following new year resolutions)
  • Lack of support for holistic health modalities, commonly referred as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) e.g. yoga, meditation, tai-chi, etc.

A discussion at work is needed about the benefits of offering such programs and both employees and management need to be on board. In recent years, many CEO’s have now started publicly sharing how integrating these practices can create a business advantage. Global initiatives like the International Day of Yoga sponsored by the UN provide a stamp of approval for the benefits of yoga at work.


Relation between workplace yoga and innovation

The regular practice of yoga breathing and meditation at work can help to develop greater emotional and social intelligence that is essential for effective leadership, improving relationships and innovation.

If our mind is too worried, dull and not energised, then a creative or innovative thought will not be triggered easily. It is therefore essential to train ourselves to have an open and receptive mind that would collect (i.e. new and relevant) information. Our mind needs to be sharp and alert to grasp new concepts and trigger new ideas without judging them on our bias or untested beliefs. We also need to develop intuition, a can do attitude and inner resilience to stay positive and learn from mistakes and failures and keep working towards our goals. These are all mental aspects that can be easily enhanced through the regular practice of yoga at work.

From my own experience, regular practice helped me improve creativity and enhance my leadership and innovation skills. Give it a try — contact us to find out about booking a one off, 4 week or 8 week block of yoga at work.

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