Corporate Yoga Classes for your Wellness Program

Corporate Yoga Classes for your Wellness Program may just be what your team need to combat workplace anxiety and stress. Now-days staff are dealing more and more with stress at work, from fearing their position may be eliminated or managing the increased responsibilities on their plate.  The good news is that there are tools that address this growing level of workplace anxiety and stress.

Workplace wellness programs – such as yoga and stress management – can help not only individual employees but also the entire culture of an organisation. According to the Kaiser Foundation, workplace wellness programs are offered by employers in an effort to combine educational, organisational and environmental activities and often “consist of health education, screening, and interventions designed to change employees’ behaviour in order to achieve better health and reduce the associated health risks.”

How to develop Corporate Yoga Classes for your Wellness Program? 

Make sure the boss agrees: There is no use starting up innovative programming for employees if your boss and upper management are NOT on board.
Get approval: Start small. In the case of a stress management program, why not start with a yoga class once a week for 4 weeks, then build up to 8 weeks, and 12 weeks once momentum builds up.

Yoga classes are a great way to create mind-body awareness and distress. Often companies become frustrated if they don’t have a dedicated fitness space or gym. Luckily, yoga can be practiced just about anywhere. All you need is a meeting room where you can move the furniture out of the way, and you can fit as many as a dozen yoga mats. In the event that you have a room where you can’t move the furniture, you can have a class that offer chair yoga stretches.

If you start with a yoga program, create a four to eight-week session to allow employees to try it out. Let people try yoga classes so that they can experience benefits first hand. Encourage your company to subsidise the classes. Emphasise the benefits of yoga and stress management. Yoga and other forms of stress management can improve morale, improve mood (almost immediately), increase productivity, and help muscular pain. The benefits go on and on.

Many employees are self conscious about being labeled as “stressed out.” Promoting yoga programs as those that can increase energy and improve mood – and reduce that stressed out feeling – everyone wins. Create some buzz. For employees to reap the benefits of your program, they have to know about it! Put up posters on company bulletin boards and in the restrooms, create targeted emails, post information on your intranet and advertise in your cafeterias.

Do whatever you can to make sure the message gets out. You may also wish to offer a health-related raffle prize or give-away at your seminars, such as a backpack filled with health magazines or products.

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