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Corporate Yoga Melbourne established in January 2013.
Founded on a passion for yoga and wellness, and a desire to bring wellbeing into the workplace. We’re all about making your practice accessible, welcoming and a seamless experience
Our team have serviced over 100 happy clients across Australia, UK, Italy, Philippines & USA. 


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We run beginners programs, perfectly planned to teach the fundamentals of yoga and gain the full benefits. 

Styles we teach include: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, & Chair Yoga

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We teach a variety of meditation styles, including: Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Mantras, Metta, Guided Visualisation, Progressive Relaxation, Positive Affirmations, Sound and Breathing Techniques.




Pilates is a low-risk activity that is suitable for a wide range of employees, and helps prevent physical injury by increasing balance and strengthening key muscle groups. Our pilates classes are mat based



Rani, Puma

Would totally recommend Corporate Yoga Melbourne! Our teacher was Ann – she was so lovely and accommodated the class for all levels and took special care of our pregnant staff members. It was enjoyed by all attendees and was such a relaxing way to end our long days of our Puma conference! Thank you Corporate Yoga


Jayne, Sportsbet

The Online Customer Marketing team at Sportsbet would like to thank Diane from Corporate Yoga in Melbourne for the Yoga and Meditation class. She was very patient and helpful towards all the beginners in the class, and it was very handy that she could come to us. Everyone has been asking when we’ll be holding another session as they enjoyed it so much. Thanks once again!

Vanessa, Hyder Consulting

Diane is a great instructor.  She knows how to cater for those of us not so experienced and slowly builds up the yoga classes little by little to make us push ourselves.  I’ve felt a real improvement every week and I always feel great after our workplace class!



Mai Huynh, Wyndham 

I am so glad I chose to go with Corporate Yoga Melbourne for my Wellbeing program for work. Diane was super helpful and she coordinated everything that I wanted by emailing the Melbourne Council to arrange a spot for us at the flagstaff garden.

I am so happy with her service! Listening to the feedback from my team, they really enjoyed themselves with the yoga lesson.