Yoga at work

Why practice Yoga at work?

Practicing Yoga at work is becoming more popular across Australia as workplaces are realising that by offering Yoga at work, companies can save money in the long run by improving overall health, productivity at work and also enhancing employee morale. Yoga at work falls under the umbrella of workplace wellness programs, which refers to any Read More

Corporate Wellness Programs

7 secrets to successful workplace wellness programs

Workplace wellness programs - also known as corporate wellness or health and wellbeing programs - can be an advantage to a company's competitive edge. Research has shown that workplace wellness programs can improve employee loyalty and retention, reduce healthcare costs and even boost productivity. So how can you successfully implement these workplace wellness programs? 1. Read More

Workplace Wellness Programs in Australia

Workplace wellness programs in Australia provide many benefits, however the biggest challenge in offering these programs is the lack of participation.  52% of employers surveyed by Limeade admitted it was the biggest challenge, with 49% citing difficulty in maintaining interest and activation with 36% of respondents feeling like it’s a battle to help employees develop long-term Read More