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Mindfulness Meditation at work

Mindfulness Meditation at work What is mindfulness? Many people associate mindfulness meditation at work with insight meditation, which starts by focusing on the breath. When your mind wanders, (e.g., errands, a distressing conversation, etc.) and then bring your attention back to your breath. Don't resist your mind’s natural urge to wander, but train it to return Read More

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7 benefits of a workplace mindfulness program

There are many benefits for developing a workplace mindfulness program, but what exactly is it? In the most basic sense, mindfulness is being consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions. For one to practice good mindfulness it involves the ‘self-regulation’ of attention so that it is focused on adopting a neutral attitude toward one’s experiences in Read More

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Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Workplace wellbeing programs are on the rise in Australia, particularly as people are working harder and longer and the interrelationship between the home and workplace environments is more apparent than ever, with home and family stress feeding off and reinforcing work produced stress. Worksafe's Vicki McCarthy says that research has found chronic health issues are also impacting Read More

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs matter to both employees and employers. A healthy employee is happier and more productive, which reflects well on the business and keeps everyone satisfied. But if you don’t have a formal corporate wellness program, you probably aren’t focusing enough on the health of your employees. The Business-Side Benefits of Employee Wellness Health and Read More