Corporate Yoga Melbourne was founded in January 2013. Since then, we have serviced over 70 happy clients across Melbourne.

Our Team

corporate yoga melbourneDiane

Diane created the idea of corporate yoga from practising yoga whilst working in the corporate world in stressful positions. She realised many health benefits, and wanted all companies to offer corporate yoga and wellness programs. Yoga gave her the balance that was much needed for her busy schedule. Her journey first began over 15 years ago after experiencing lower back issues and she heard of the benefits yoga could bring to her back. Along the years Diane has practiced many styles of yoga and meditation deepening her training and experience. “When I first started yoga it was for the physical benefits, but over the years the more I practiced, I gained balance in my life and yoga has taught me to be mindful and completely myself.” Diane teaches wellness programs across Melbourne, and is soon to open a yoga studio The Wellness Union - located in Victoria Harbour, Docklands.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Level 3 teaching in asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, ethics 155 hours - Knoff Yoga
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga 150 hours - Yoga Synergy
  • Advanced Yoga Fundamentals 150 hours - Yoga Synergy
  • Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training 350 hours - AYA
  • Discover Meditation - Australian School of Meditation & Yoga
  • Transcendental Meditation - Maharishi Foundation Australia
  • Prenatal Teacher Training - Bliss Baby Yoga
  • Core Vinyasa Teacher Training - Sadie Nardini
  • BA Business, Human Resources & Marketing
  • Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia
corporate yoga melbourneKaren

Karen travelled extensively around the world for 14 years living for extended periods of time in India, China, Tibet, Europe and the Middle East learning of different cultures, religions and philosophies. It was in 1995 in Dharamsala India that Karen’s yoga journey began. As she began to feel the transformation yoga had in her life she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others... Upon Returning to Australia she has since completed 1 x 200 Hour Hot Yoga, 1 x 80 Hour Hot Flow, 2 x 25 Hour Yin training from Grass Roots Yoga and 150 Hour Advanced Post Graduate teacher training at Ihana Yoga . She strives to cultivate happiness and balance through mindful living, hoping to inspire her students to do the same. With that mentality she teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness. She is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power—both internally and externally. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and kindness to her classes.

Qualifications & Accreditations:

  • 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training
  • 50 Hour Yin Teacher Training
  • 150 Hour Post Graduate - Ihana Yoga
  • Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia


Corporate Yoga MelbourneAnna

Anna has had an interest in Yoga and alternative healing since a teenager and started practicing when she was 14 at the Sivananda Ashram in Perth. Anna completed her first teacher training in 2005 in Melbourne. She has been to India 8 times to study Yoga and Meditation. Her thirst for knowledge led her to the Bihar School of Yoga in India where she lived for 2 years to study and live as a Sannyasin (Yoga monk). She completed a two-year Diploma of Satyananda Teacher Training in 2014.

Anna also has a great interest in Indian natural medicine and have studied Ayurvedic Massage and Consultancy in Dharmsala India with tradition Dr (Vaidya) Sibichen George. She has completed many Vipassana, Theraveda Meditation retreats in Thailand, India and Australia.

“I have noticed a great change in my wellbeing and emotional state since integrating these therapies as a way of life. I believe that we have the power and potential to live happy and fulfilling lives when we can see ourselves clearly”.

Qualifications & Accreditations:

  • Diploma of Classical Yoga, Australian College of Classical Yoga, 2005
  • Samarpananda Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh India, Satyananda Tradition 2008
  • Iyengar Yoga intensive, Rajpur India , 2006
  • Prenatal Teacher Training with Janice Clarfield, 2009
  • Satyananda Yoga Academy Yogic Studies (Diploma) 1, 2, 3, 4 (Yoga teacher training) 2011 and 2014
  • Bihar School of Yoga, India, Sannyasa Training Course 2011-2013



Jess has been a travelling yogini since 2004 with strong roots in the Hatha yog tradition including Ashtanga Vinyasa method, combined with a Fitness, Ayurveda, nutrition and Wellness coaching background. She shares her extensive experience & passion as a unique, inspiring light along the students individual journey inward encouraging their practice to extend beyond the mat.

Jess lives by Patanjali’s eight limb path as closely as her own path has brought her to date, cultivating a lifestyle to inspire progress not perfection, intentional living and balance in all areas of life. A lifelong student, she regularly trains with Ashtanga Yoga Master Ajay Kumar of Mysore, India and Prashant Jakhmola of Rishikesh and more recently,  Master Jani Jaatinen, (Gokulcandra) and has a disciplined, intuitively driven self practice.

Her ultimate goal is to bring the tradition of the East to the West to inspire and evolve our practices for spiritual growth, healing and cultivate a life of vitality and wellness. Jess also aims to assist in the immersion of Westerners into the East through retreats, in order to fund the education, development, and empowerment of young women in India to fulfill their dreams of visiting the West.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • University of Wisconsin. La Crosse, WI, USA B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, Strength and Conditioning, Business Administration, 2001- 2005
  • 60 days Sthalam 8, intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa training w/ Ajay Kumar, Mysore India 2016
  • 10 day YogGanga Center for Yoga Studies, Iyengar Intensive w/Rajiv & Swati Chanchani, Dehradun
  • 7 day Kaivalyadhama Health & Yoga Research Center, Intensive Yoga/Ayurveda, Lonavala `16
  • 10 day, 100hr Vipassana Meditation, Dhamma Salila, Dehradun 2016
  • 500 RYT Nepal Yoga Academy, Traditional Hatha `15 200 RYT Shiva Yoga Peeth, Ashtanga Vinyasa/Hatha Rishikesh, India 2014
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Australia 2005
  • 1st Yoga training AAAI/ISMA Vinyasa, USA 2003/4


Lucy started practicing yoga at age 18. Yoga has helped her through stressful times, work challenges and rearing a brood of three children and is a way to gain greater awareness and access insights about herself in order to heal, change patterns and live a joyful life skilfully with compassion, authenticity and kindness.

She has had various local and international teachers in a variety of styles, She has studied mainly under James Bahuth, Amanda Hood, Dominique Salerno and Mark Pheely. She is currently mentored by Samantha Cocker-Godson and studying Buddhism with Christoper Titmuss, recently completing a 14 day vipassana retreat under Christopher’s guidance.

She has been teaching yoga for nearly three years and has cultivated her own style according to the needs of the group. She particularly likes teaching yin and a fusion of vinyasa/chi gong. Her passion is making yoga inclusive of age, ability and size and to encourage exploration in others of yoga past the a asana into the other limbs of yoga to heal and sows the seeds of opportunity, clarity, compassion and a deeper enjoyment of life.

Qualifications and Accreditation

  • Advanced Yin Yoga Training, Hugh Lee and Becky Andrews 2017
  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga (350 hours) Australian Yoga Academy 2016
  • Cert IV in Teaching and Assessment(TAE) LIV Training 2012
  • Graduate Diploma of Education, Monash University 2004
  • Level 1 Yoga Australia registered teacher and member.


Rachael received her Yoga teaching qualification in February 2015 in Goa, and completed an extra 50 hours Yin Yoga training as well as Level one training in both Kids Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Rachaels working life to date has included being an RN Div 1 and feel this has given her good skills in dealing and interacting with people in a friendly and professional manner.

"I like to ensure my classes are challenging yet nurturing and focus on the breath as a way of staying present and relaxing. I also like to be creative in my class sequencing. I am more drawn to teaching classes that focus on lengthening, stretching and balance than more power yoga styles but have experience teaching both".

Qualifications and Accreditation

  • Level 1 restorative yoga TTC| June 2016 | Babybliss yoga.
  • Level 1 kids yoga training| February 2016 | Yogafun, St Kilda, Melbourne.
  • 50 hours Yin Yoga TTC | oct 2015 | Grassroots Yoga, St Kilda, Melbourne
  • 200 hours Ashtanga – vinyasa TTC | March 2015 | Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India
  • Registered member of Yoga Alliance Australia and a current WWC
Sandra has been studying and practicing yoga since 2009. She is a Certified Yoga teacher trained by Master Nicky Knoff. While spending 18 years in the IT Corporate world delivering services for premium customers around the globe, she realised the importance of finding inner peace for a better Work & Life balance. 

She is fully committed to the Health and Wellness of people. Thanks to the powerful tool of yoga she helps people along their transformation journey towards living a healthier and better life. She is passionate to share yoga and its great impact in life, an essential factor contributing to our happiness and the wellbeing of others.

She teaches various styles of yoga from dynamic flow to more gentle and restorative classes. Each of her classes incorporate meditation and breathing techniques. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Level 3 - teaching in asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, ethics  - Knoff Yoga | 200H teacher training
  • Registered teacher with Yoga Alliance


Julien discovered Yoga over 10 years ago and obtained his Certification with the “Yoga & Meditation School of India” and teaches Traditional Indian Yoga, a blend of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

Julien also teaches other types of yoga such as Power Flow, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative and offers Chakra Meditations and Sound Healing (singing bowls). Classes are delivered in a simple way, yet real and effective, and will challenge you physically and mentally with Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation and Relaxation practices, triggering healing of the body and deep relaxation.

Thanks to his travels, Julien will broaden your experience in classes by incorporating many traditional Asanas with variations, Kriyas, Mudras, Mantras, Kundalini and Chakra Healing, Tibetan Bowls, Yoga Philosophy but every time this is his deep and soothing voice which will invite you to find peace and deep relaxation.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Level 2 - 350+ hours) with the “Yoga & Meditation School of India